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Mapping & Surveying | Asset Inspection | Photography & Video

Sky Flock is dedicated to providing professionals with advanced aerial intelligence, technology and human expertise to capture business critical information. Our solutions are all powered by the use of leading-edge drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).




With the capacity to capture video and still images from both within and beyond the property, Sky Flock can showcase your real estate portfolio with a competitive edge. From large scale Commercial and Industrial offerings, to unique inner city apartments, we can demonstrate to the marketplace the outstanding features of the property as well as capture the ever important surrounding environs.


Invite Sky Flock to capture your building or asset inspection in a single flight. Time, labour, cost, and risks of traditional inspections are no more with the use of our aerial drone services. Our technologies from the sky can provide you with holistic data collection, thermal mapping, planning information and more regardless of building type or location.


Allow Sky Flock to put in place the latest technologies in digital mapping from the sky for you. With to the centimetre accuracy; you can be sure that your space in the world will be surveyed with utmost accuracy at the time of flight, and retained for detailed review by yourself and the experts following. Using ground control points when capturing your data, you can be sure the specific needs of your project will be met.


Metropolitan and rural infrastructure networks present us with unique and often changing needs. One constant though is the need for regular, accurate inspection. Whether it be to ensure tracking of project deliverables, efficiency of transportation flow, or safety checks, Sky Flock can deliver rapid and effective evaluations so that transportation experts can get their jobs done. 


Utilisation of aerial drone services has revolutionised capacity for the construction industry to monitor progress, detail, material stock piles and more. Sky Flock can deliver safe and efficient services through on-site inspections and data collection with high capability digital photographic and video technology. 


Sky Flock is acutely aware of the need for operational efficiencies in the context of challenging market conditions. We respond to this need through our rapid aerial drone service surveying offerings for your industry. Automated stockpile calculation and slope grading is available to provide invaluable data on operational output, as well as equipment fuel consumption costs in quarries. Let us show you a new way from all angles.



Safety and efficiency are vital to the success of refining facilities and detailed inspections are critical to maintaining operations. Sky Flock aerial drone services can visually cover large areas with complex structural layouts to provide your business with the images and data it requires to maximise operations. Utilising multiple drone technologies, we can identify structural weaknesses, scan for hot spots, identify leaks, confirm safe operations and more. Take action quickly with the data Sky Flock can provide.


Geographical dispersion and height are no longer issues should you engage with Sky Flock for your Power Line inspections.  We can provide you with real time views alongside your Sky Flock drone operator, as well as a comprehensive post flight analysis, to ensure that the needs of your inspection are met. 


From large scale solar farms, to residential fixtures, Sky Flock can be your eye in the sky for inspection and maintenance. With the capacity to scan panels during usual operation, our drone services assure that your energy production is not compromised during inspection. We can rapidly detect damage and temperature anomalies on a crisp thermal image for your business, replacing the need for labour intensive on-foot inspections of old. 


Imagine Sky Flock providing your business with complex Wind Turbine maintenance inspections. Our aerial drone services can take your eyes to the heights you need without the significant health and safety issues that otherwise come with physically hoisting labour to the skies. Our inspections are highly efficient ensuring turbine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. Fissures, cracks, or other indicators of structural stresses can be quickly and accurately identified to facilitate rapid repair and help to ensure that your energy generation remains efficient.